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by  Woo
Turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace

Charge Vendor Subscription Fee to Become a Vendor

Become a Vendor for a certain price per term (year, month, day…etc…).

An integration across the subscriptions module and the Vendors module whereby the Vendors would pay a subscription. In our case Vendors would pay yearly, unless they already sold enough then we would not charge them the subscriptions fee.

Id est…A vendor pays $10 / year….if the Vendor sells then our store takes a commission. If a Vendor sells enough for us to make more than $10 / year from commissions then we do not charge them the subscription fee.


Current Status


Last updated: October 15, 2013


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  1. coy68 says:

    Many vendor subscriptions offer cost-effective pricing models, such as monthly or annual plans, which can result in significant savings compared to one-time purchases or ad-hoc services. Additionally, bundled packages or discounts for loyal subscribers can further enhance cost-effectiveness.

  2. jimbrett12 says:

    I hope to see more great posts from you

  3. warningeland says:

    It sounds pretty cool

  4. eternity0f4d18bc83 says:

    This is a main feature that would convince me to purchase this product!

  5. Nicolas Durand says:

    This is a great feature
    please make it happen !