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Composite Products

by  Woo
Create product kit builders and custom product configurators using existing products.

compatibility with multi currency plugins

I have tried 3 currency plugins, which allows to enter price as USD but show them as any currency I want.

All 3 can’t work with composite products.
Sorting and filtering doesn’t work.

Here is the report from developer;
Just a quick update, to inform you that we probably found the cause of the issue. As it happened in the past, it’s a design choice, in the Composite Products plugin, which pushes that plugin towards the “working only with single-currency sites” use cases. We will notify its authors, so that this can be rectified and the Composite Products plugin can be made more flexible.


Diego – Aelia Support

These plugins allow you to enter currenct per product
Currency per Product for WooCommerce
Premmerce Multi-currency for Woocommerce
Currency Switcher for WooCommerce


Current Status


Last updated: March 22, 2021


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