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Conditional Logic on WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

Conditional Logic on WooCommerce Product Add-Ons.

Doens’t really need an explanation but, only show this option if user has selected option x – etc

You know how it works


Current Status


Last updated: July 22, 2019


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  1. Meow Crew says:

    Here is free plugin that extend Woo Product Addons with Conditional Logic –
    And also adds the feature to show addons fields only for specific product variations

  2. markofnone says:

    I also use this plugin which has this conditional logic built-in:

  3. canvaseventplanning says:

    would like this and for it to be compatible with the bookings plugin. I have an add-on that I only allow if the booking date is 15+ days in advance. Although i tell people to not select that add-on if their booking doesnt have ample amount of time to accommodate it, it would be easier if it just wasnt available to be selected if their dates don’t align with the condition. Trusting customers to actually read is asking too much of them for many LOL

  4. Gareth Harris says:

    You can use conditional logic in the WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin: This allows you to set conditions on individual fields and on groups of fields.

  5. poehah says:

    It is odd this has not been added yet after so long. For anyone looking, this feature is already included in the Advanced Product Fields plugin from Studio Wombat at

  6. jonasburecase says:

    I am trying to get my superiors to change our products from single to variable to make the shop more user friendly. Today, for example, we have a product that is available in 411 size variants that are made as single products. So I’ve made a demo where you can choose width and depth from a dropdown menu. First width and then depth and these are also the attributes. The range of widths is between 990 and 4190, and the range of depths is between 990 and 8590. But not all widths have all depths. So when I show this demo it is not user friendly either. Because if, for example, I choose width 1590, only the depths that are in that width should be displayed in the next dropdown menu (so-called conditional). How to do this?

  7. bananenbiz says:

    It staggers me that this has not been added yet.
    Or give us at least subvariations that only apply to some of the variations! (so also conditional)
    Like t-shirt A:
    size: S, M, L
    color: red, blue, white
    source: organic (and not bleached), non-organic

    The “source variation” should only apply to color:white
    So it only applies to the combination: t-shirt A>size M>white

    But when you add the product property and make it available as variation, WooCommerce does this:

    S>red>source: any organic (and not bleached), non-organic
    S>blue>source: any organic (and not bleached), non-organic
    S>white>organic (and not bleached) <white>non-organic <red>source: any organic (and not bleached), non-organic
    M>blue>source: any organic (and not bleached), non-organic
    M>white>source: any organic (and not bleached), non-organic
    L>red>source: any organic (and not bleached), non-organic
    L>blue>source: any organic (and not bleached), non-organic
    L>white>source: any organic (and not bleached), non-organic

    So 8 out of 10 variations are stupid and give the customer a false choice.

  8. Luke Elin says:

    Definitely a useful and necessary feature for all kinds of use-cases!

  9. meghanhamm says:

    Is there any way we could get this sooner than later? I would love to be able to have our user’s select “imprinting” and then be able to upload a logo

  10. Meow Crew says:

    You can add conditional logic to official WooCommerce Product Add-ons with this plugin – Instead of purchasing another product addons extension that may lack other features.

  11. Katie Keith says:

    This feature is available in Barn2’s WooCommerce Product Options plugin at You can set up any of the product add-ons to be visible or hidden depending on the user’s other selections. For example, customers can click a ‘Gift wrap’ box on the product page to reveal all the hidden gift wrap options.

  12. poehah says:

    For anyone looking, this feature is already included in the Advanced Product Fields plugin at

  13. gevorgbuh says:

    Conditional logic is very important! Need it!

  14. stitchtek says:

    Makes total sense. I can always move to Gravity forms product add on but the simple logic of if QTY=X collect names etc. for say gift wrapping or other multi QTY purchase with ads on. This request will be almost 3 years old soon with no traction and 60+ votes.

  15. memphixweb says:

    This is most definitely a deciding factor in buying or not buying this plug-in. Much needed feature.

  16. mikesomersetinteractivecom says:

    This is available in the Checkout Add-ons…can’t understand why it’s not available for this addon.

  17. Tarun Jain says:

    This is one of the basic and required feature now. We have personalized product store and there are several if and else cases for each personalization. For example customer want to use predefined text or he want to enter new one. So request you to kindly add this feature.

  18. Hussain Shah says:

    Hello, i am using Advanced Product Fields (Product Addons) for WooCommerce extension. conditional logic works fine on the product page but not working on woo quick view… please provide me a solution

  19. Mike says:

    this is a must for this plugin, if you think that almost other similar plugins has this feature. the conditional logic it can save us from many things, think about if we have a product lets suppose that we have a bathtub with 2 variations the 1st variation is a simple bathtub with only 2 accessories and the 2st variation is the same bathtub but with hydromassage and it contains 3 or 4 accessories so this could be a life saver for everyone, at this moment we must setup 2 or 3 same products and apply the different addons for each product… its not sound the best solution and i can’t understand why this idea dosen’t have many votes

  20. Golden Bath says:

    hi i would love to see this feature on product addons, woocommerce by default it have variations for products so if addons have conditional option so you can combine it with the variations it would be one of greatest features and extension for woocommerce environment, so please take a look in this. thank you

  21. Nathan says:

    Hi – I would also love to see this implemented – we offer two types of Gift Wrap options – one Free and the other Paid for – I’d like to offer an ‘Add a Message’ service to the Paid option only.

  22. Christophe Paganon says:

    Seems to me like a very basic feature that should have already been implemented. Would be really useful to our subscriptions as well.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Show or hide product add-on fields with conditional logic – e.g. choose to display a field only if another field has been selected. Use field values, quantity and price as conditions.
    Optionally display different fields for different variations

  24. Jonathan says:

    Would love to see this feature and if the conditional logic could be lined up with WC Bookings and include logics based on dates (date ranges) and people (n°of people range), that would be even better!