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Quote for WooCommerce

Empower customers to inquire about price estimations and negotiate by adding a ‘Request a Quote’ button on your WooCommerce Store.


Hey team,
I’ve checked the plugin! It’s great a plugin.
However, I need to ask a question. Where I don’t want to show any product that customers want to ask for quotation on my store. Instead, I will show them a form. Where they’ll add product URL from other stores, such as amazon, ebay etc. Also the form will include the the product name, customers name, and and the external product URL you know. After adding details, they’ll hit the enter button and I’ll get the email with details.
After that I want to add quotation of that product on their my account section. I won’t mind If I can do it customly. Is there anyway to update the quotation section for the specific customer separately and let them know about the quotation. Also, I don’t want to show the button request for quote on my product pages as they are already available. I just want this option for external products.



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Last updated: March 10, 2023

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