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Conversion API: Option to Track Only Orders with Successful Payments

The Facebook for WooCommerce plugin currently tracks all orders, including those without completed payments. This practice can lead to inaccurate ROI reporting for Meta Ads, as it includes data from transactions that may not contribute to actual revenue.


Introduce a feature allowing users to choose to track only those orders where payment has been successfully completed or the order status is marked as “completed”. This will ensure that only financially finalized transactions are reported to Meta, providing a more accurate representation of ad performance and ROI.


– Accuracy in Reporting: Limits tracking to orders that genuinely contribute to revenue, ensuring more reliable ad performance data.

– Improved Ad Spend Efficiency: Helps in better budget allocation by focusing on metrics derived from completed transactions.
– Enhanced Decision Making: Offers clearer insights for optimizing ad strategies and spending.

A straightforward toggle within the plugin’s settings, enabling users to select their tracking preference easily.

This adjustment would significantly enhance the utility of the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin for advertisers, ensuring they receive precise data for informed decision-making and strategy optimization.



Current Status


Last updated: April 10, 2024


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