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Product Designer for WooCommerce

Product Designer for WooCommerce allows your users to design the products as per their needs and purchase them in your Shop.

Customise feature Shape and Size.

Please let me know if Shapes of the product and sizes can be done in this plugin. I want a similar editor for Acrylic Sheets in:

1. Different shapes
2. Different size

I am providing a sample link which will help you know my requirement better.

Here is the link to exactly what I am looking for:

Also, look at the screenshot link.

Kindly revert with your reply and how much will it cost me?




Current Status


Last updated: October 12, 2023


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  1. rakshadolphin says:

    Also, in your FAQ in point 1.

    Q: Designing is not working on mobile devices. Why?

    As of now, designing on mobile devices is supported only on the “Default” theme. If you have selected any different themes in “Product Designer > Settings > General > Product Designer Page Theme Settings”, then designing won’t work.

    Does this means , that this plugin doesn’t support any external theme on mobile? or it does not support only editor page of this plugin? Can you suggest theme which will support this plugin on both devices mobile and laptop?

  2. rakshadolphin says:

    I am waiting for the reply!