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WooCommerce Bookings

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Allow customers to book appointments, make reservations or rent equipment without leaving your site.

Daily Bookings Cap (badly needed).

Example, I have 24 (single 1 hour) time slots available for a service I provide…. But I only want to take a maximum of 5 per day.

I need an option where after 5 of the 24 time slots are booked in, that the rest of my days time slots greys out and become N/A.

Yes, I know I can just allocate 5 time slots per day…. But I want to have more timeslot options available for my clients to choose from…

I don’t care what time slots they book in with me during the day…. but I only want to take 5 clients per day.

Im actually very surprised that this isn’t an option already


Current Status


Last updated: January 21, 2021


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