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UPS Shipping Method

by  Woo
Get shipping rates from the UPS API which handles both domestic and international parcels.

Delivery Date

The rates in the cart only show the service but not the expected delivery date (image 1). Currently we are using a competitor plugin that allows the expected delivery date to be shown to the customer in the cart (image 2). This info is already pulled from the API, so it is possible to add this feature. The customer seeing when the item is expected to arrive helps the customer to pick the best shipping option. In the competitor plugin it also allows for a delay to be built into this (image 3). I would switch to this plugin if this feature were available.




Current Status


Last updated: April 9, 2023


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  1. netcrafters4 says:

    I’m surprised this isn’t already part of the extension. I was looking here to see if I was overlooking some way to enable it. This is something store customers expect to see at checkout. We’re probably going to switch to the other plugin that’s shown in the screenshots but I thought I’d leave this follow-up here.

  2. Brian Kolbay says:

    I’m honestly stunned that this feature isn’t more heavily requested. We also have a client that used an alternative plugin. We migrated them to this because we were better able to programmatically customize it to suit their needs. They’re very happy but their one complaint is that the previous plugin offered an estimated delivery date.