Deposits for Pre-Orders

The Woo Commerce Pre-Orders plugin allows you to charge an optional pre-order fee. Unfortunately, it is only charge on top of the regular product price and can’t be deduced from the full paiement. Because of that, this pre-order fee can’t be used as deposit.

One option would be to lower the product price so the product price + the pre-order fee equal the final product price. If the price is $100 and I want to charge $25 upfront, I could indeed set the price to $75 + $25 of preorder fee. That could work if the displayed price includes the fees, either $100 or $75 + $25. But it does not and the displayed price is only $75. The fees are only mentionned once in the product description: “This product has a $25 pre-order fee”. It therefore looks as hidden fees (that most clients despice) instead of simple deposit.

It is too bad because a real deposit feature would be a real upside for this plugin!

Thanks a lot for reading!


Current Status


Last updated: October 18, 2017


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  1. deemaandco

    agree – dposits needed

  2. martinmodd

    Exactly the same thoughts here. This should be the default function, the pre order fee should never be charged on top of the total product price.

  3. Miller Media

    Its been over 3 years and still not implemented! The feature should have been included on launch.

  4. Anonymous

    Come on man ~ Partial payment / deposit supposed to be included in the “pre-order” feature.

  5. anonymous

    Yeah i agree 100%

    I dont understand why this wasnt already a feature – making a small deposit on a preorder and paying the rest on release is hardly a new thing in the world! Its even more frustrating that there is a woocommerce deposits plugin but its not compatible … *sigh*