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Display product variations in shop

Ever went shopping on Amazon? In WooCommerce-language you see product variations in the shop when searching for a specific product. Setting up a similar experience for our customers with WooCommerce is incredibly difficult.

We are currently using an extension “Products by Attributes & Variations” which is very buggy and no longer supported. It also conflicts with WPML and does therefore not work in the secondary languages of our website.

To avoid using this plugin and hence any conflicts with WPML, it could be a good idea to rethink how products and product variations are displayed. I am not sure how, but know it would significantly increase our customer’s satisfaction.

This includes, if I click on a product in the shop (not the variation), product variations should immediately be selected. Our customers often struggle to understand they first need to select product variations to get pictures and details of that product variation. Most don’t even do that.




Current Status


Last updated: December 19, 2023


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