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Product Recommendations

Developed by SomewhereWarm
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Product Recommendations

Developed by SomewhereWarm

Information & Requirements

  • WooCommerce version 3.3+
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Have you ever noticed how the most successful stores leverage the power of product recommendations? When done right, up-sells and cross-sells deliver a more engaging experience to your visitors — the kind of experience that not only helps them find products they like, but also keeps them coming back.

Offer 'Complete the Look' recommendations.

Manual up-sells and cross-sells are a great way to start offering relevant product recommendations. However, they can be tedious to maintain as your catalog grows. Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

  • Specify cross-sells and up-sells by category or tag, instead of entering products one by one.
  • Recommend products from recently viewed categories.
  • Offer product recommendations in individual product and category pages, in the Checkout page, and even after ordering, in the Order Received page.
  • Display up-sells, cross-sells and related products conditionally — for example depending on cart/order contents.
  • Analyze the performance of your recommendations by measuring their Revenue, Views, Clicks, Conversions, and Conversion Rate.

Fortunately, you don’t need a team of machine learning specialists to do this. WooCommerce Product Recommendations brings all of this functionality — and more — into your WordPress dashboard.

Recommend related products from recently viewed categories.

Build Your Own Strategies

WooCommerce Product Recommendations allows you to precisely control which products to recommend on your store — and also choose where and when to do so. Here’s a few high-performing strategies you can implement with it:

  • Streamline your cross-selling and up-selling workflows. Specify cross-sells and up-sells by category or tag, instead of entering products one by one.
  • Recommend products in category/tag archives to increase the visibility of your best-sellers. Offer Trending and Top Rated product recommendations to provide social proof and build confidence.
  • Make your product and checkout pages more engaging with Complete the Look recommendations.
  • Make essentials and accessories easier to discover with Frequently Bought Together recommendations.
  • Boost your store’s average order value by recommending products that customers have viewed, but didn’t add to their cart. Offer Leave These Behind? recommendations on the checkout page.
  • Invite customers to return right after placing an order. Add Still Looking for…? recommendations on the order-received page to offer products from categories they viewed, but didn’t purchase. Recommend related products conditionally, depending on order contents, and pair your offers with coupons to maximize their impact.
  • Incentivize customers to spend more in order to unlock perks, such as free shipping.
  • Encourage impulse purchases by recommending Last Minute Deals on the checkout page.

How It Works

To implement a recommendation strategy with Product Recommendations:

  1. Create a recommendation Engine.
  2. Deploy it to a Location of your store.

Recommendation Engines are “recipes” that generate product results. To configure an Engine, you combine Filters and Amplifiers: Filters determine which products to recommend, while Amplifiers control their order.

Creating a Recommendation Engine.

Place Recommendations Anywhere

Engines can be deployed on almost every page and location of your store:

  • The main Shop page.
  • Individual Product pages.
  • Product Archive pages (Category/Tag).
  • Cart and Checkout pages.
  • Order Received and Order Pay pages.

To provide impact at the perfect time, the extension even lets you define Visibility Conditions for each Engine you deploy.

Deploying a Recommendation Engine to the Order Received / Thank You page.

Οptimize Your Strategies with Detailed Analytics

WooCommerce Product Recommendations comes with detailed Revenue, Events and Conversion reports to help you measure the impact of your strategies, and optimize them in a data-driven manner.

Analyze your recommendation campaigns by tracking:

  • Gross and Net Revenue.
  • Unique Views.
  • Clicks.
  • Conversions.
  • Clicks per Unique View.
  • Click-to-Purchase Conversion Rates.

WooCommerce Product Recommendations: Weekly performance digest.

You can even generate reports by:

  • Converted Product;
  • Store Location; or
  • Deployed Engine.

WooCommerce Product Recommendations: Generating Revenue, Events and Conversion reports.

The best part? The system has been carefully designed to work on hosting environments with limited resources, and is built to scale.

How to Get Started

  1. Buy WooCommerce Product Recommendations.
  2. Download and install it.
  3. Navigate to Recommendations > Engines.
  4. Create a new Engine and deploy it to one of the available Locations.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the extra revenue!

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