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Enhanced conversion issues

When firing the purchase-conversion tag (using a “purchase” event), this plugin doesn’t support the sending of enhanced conversion data – hence I use a separate plugin (gtm4wp) to inject these enhanced conversion fields and fire my conversion tag. The problem is that gtm4wp and google listings and ads both use the “purchase” event – hence my trigger fires my conversion tag twice (once with enhanced conversion fields using gtm4wp, and once from this plugin). The “purchase” event name is hard coded into both plugins and therefore clashes.

The double firing of the tag sets up a time-race whereby one of the following occurs:
1) gtm4wp fires the tag first, followed by google listing and ads, or
2) google listings and ads fires the tag first, followed by gtm4wp

In either case, per google, whom I spoke with at length this morning, one of the following happens:
1) gtm4wp data (with enhanced conversion data) persists, and everything is ok.
2) google listings and ads (without enhanced conversion data) persists, and google ads complains about not receiving the correct data, or
3) google gets confused and throws data from both purchase conversions away (i.e. gaps in captured conversion data).

Scenarios 2 and 3 above cause invalid conversion data which ripples through the campaign, causing bidding based on invalid data (i.e. poor campaign performance).

It would be nice if this plugin either:
1) allows the option to include enhanced conversion fields so that we can remove the use of the gtm4wp (or other) plugins, or
2) allows each event (purchase, conversion, view_item, page_view, etc) to be toggled on and off, allowing us to use any tag manager plugin that we want, or
3) allows each event’s name to be reassigned to a different name to prevent double-triggering and clashes with other plugins.

Thank you!



Current Status


Last updated: April 17, 2023


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