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by  Eway
Take credit card payments securely via Eway (AU and NZ) keeping customers on your site.

Eway Extension flaws

1) This extension is plagued by Card bot scams where hackers send thousands of requests to your Weoocommerce checkout and then Eway sends you a huge Bill.
Standard recpatcha conflicts with the new paypal payments extension making it worse for developers to try and stop this.
We and many others has reached out to Woocommerce asking for Internal Recaptcha. Still no avail.
2) Secondly there are no direct secure fields meaning its really easy for you site to be compromised and card details taken. We need direct secure fields for mandatory safety like how stripe does.
3) Thirdly the checkout and card details should be within the checkout stage for user ease and design – yet with this extension you are redirected to a random page to checkout after you select card. Customers are weary of this and its bad UX design.
Please fix these urgent problems.



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Last updated: January 25, 2023


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