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Exploded view product plugin

I found this nice feature for Magento and it would be great to have a similar plugin for WooCommerce. Great for exploded products pars list when you know where the location of the pars you search for is fitted. I really hope there is someone picking up this idea. Regards Göran, Sweden


Current Status


Last updated: March 3, 2018


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  1. Firezone says:

    Ok guys. I finally found a plugin what suits for me to use exploded images and customers can click on the items and buy it. It is a free plugin found here:

    Hope it works good for you as well guys!

  2. miguelhagenaars76d0b6f8f6 says:

    Hello there. It is now 2023. I am also searching very long for something like this..

  3. vibfyadministrator says:

    Well, probably not the comment you’re hoping for but, I’d Totally love to see this too!

  4. Göran Nordh says:

    Not a single comment or reply in three years!!
    Not even from WooCommerce themselves. I was hoping for some respond on the idea…