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Per Product Shipping

by  Woo
Define separate shipping costs per product which are combined at checkout to provide a total shipping cost.

Export out all Per Product Shipping Rates

Per Product Shipping has a great feature where it can import all of the Per Product Shipping rates for all products in one go however it does not have the ability to Export out all Per Product Shipping Rates so that they can be mass updated and then re-imported.

Currently you can only edit the rates through each Product individually and for a store with lots of products this isn’t a viable option.


Current Status


Last updated: July 3, 2017


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  1. mjingo says:

    Simply needs to integrate with WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite. Devastated to find it doesn’t when managing a 1k product store šŸ™ Please fix this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I second this.

    The docs say “For more information on how to import CSVs, see Importing rates via CSV. This is useful if importing similar rates for all products.”

    But why would one want to import the same rates for all products if using a plugin that’s specifically designed to allow different rates on each product!! LOL.