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WooCommerce Anti-Fraud

by  OPMC
Powerful fraud detection and prevention for your WooCommerce store!

Fake Emails sequence detection block – soon??

Are you close on the email detection/prevent functionality??

The most common attack in Woo is Checkout Page – Create Account and Submit (fake) orders – repeated, over and over again.

The attack is most often abc-attack234@, abc-attack454@, abc-attack754@, abc-attack774@ – etc…

The ability/functionality to prevent orders from being placed and/or emails (in seq: ex: abc-attack*@ = block) or prevent or ban?

or further:

IF SAME IP = multiple order attempts = BLOCK or Ban or Blacklist

(doesn’t work right, when attackers uses DIFF emails on every submit) ….

Excited about new functions! Hope soon!

(and at the very least = somewhere to put in part of the known sequence to block the multiples completely!)



Current Status


Last updated: October 27, 2023


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