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Composite Products

by  Woo
Create product kit builders and custom product configurators using existing products.

Filter out variables without using a scenario

The older version of this plugin which we have in use on a large WC site allowed me to create “states” which became a tab under scenarios – and I could filter out a variation or just leave one variation of a product to pick from.

Example – client sells various size rolls of a product – sm, med, large – I only want customers to be able to choose color variations in the med size roll and I want to completely hide the small and large choices from the drop-down boxes on the product page.

I can create a scenario using conditional logic to hide those other sizes, but only if I make the product appear after another product, and base the conditional logic off the first product – example, I had to make scissors first in the list, and say if a customer chooses any size scissors, then only show the medium size rolls…

The old version didn’t require the complicated use of a scenario – I could just say, create a state using just the medium size and only show that. I don’t want scissors first on the list, I want the main product first on the list.

Sorry if this is confusing – but you’ve taken away a great bit of functionality that I’d like to keep using.


Mike Reed

Current Status


Last updated: March 24, 2023


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