Fix WooCommerce Services Tax Reporting

I am using WooCommerce Services to handle my Sales & Use Tax. It seems to work fine, except whenever I download the tax reports, it does not tell me what city & county the tax was collected for. Instead, it gives a generic name like “US-NV-NV TAX-1”.

I learned that I can change these names whenever I go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Tax. The problem is that anytime a new customer makes a purchase for a city that we have never collected tax on, the new location has a default tax name of “NV TAX”.

This is a problem because even if I change the name after the new location is used & rerun the tax report, it does not change the tax name. Please see the attached screenshot below:

As you can see from the screenshot, there is no way in the report to tell what city/county the tax was collected for. This is important when filing taxes.

A great improvement would be to fix this! Tax classes should be automatically named by the city, county, or even zip code!

Current Status


Last updated: September 26, 2020


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