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Accepting payments is easy with Square. Clear rates, fast deposits (1-2 business days). Sell online and in person, and sync all payments, items and inventory.

Gift Card Integration With Square Gateway

Square offers gift cards, and the Square extension would be a whole lot more valuable if it were compatible with them. I use Square to process both my credit cards and gift cards in-store, but I’m perfectly content to continue using Braintree to process credit online unless I have the option of also accepting gift cards online.


Current Status


Last updated: August 11, 2016


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  1. marcusvanwattum says:

    Currently, there is no way to integrate Square gift cards with WooCommerce. The only way to accept Square gift cards is to enter the gift card number manually during checkout. This is not a very user-friendly experience for customers, and it can also lead to errors website:

  2. rheil1642 says:

    They just added the ability to accept Square gift cards in the last update! You need to enable it in the settings for Square for Woocommerce. Now if they can integrate selling them directly in Woocommerce…

  3. squadcar says:

    This is actually really annoying, because technically you can use a Square gift card in Woocommerce/Square. If you put the Square gift card 16 digit code in as a credit card number, the icon changes to Square, and a fake date/cvv/zip allows the card to be charged. The issue is that entering a fake date/cvv/zip isn’t anything remotely close to a good user experience. What’s the deal?!

  4. ericyerikyan says:

    I have been using WooCommerce Square app for over a year now, but recently I have been getting complaints from customers that payments are not going through, after customer enters credit card info, the circle spinning and nothing happens. Site:

  5. creativeatmosphereon says:

    It’s painful that this doesn’t exist. I’ve had 3 clients in the last 2 days asking me about this.

  6. Brett McMahon says:

    +1 for this feature.. also, how about moderating your comments šŸ¤Ø

  7. edwinleverett says:

    I have 1 question tho when in sandbox mode for me I copy the test credit card number it says problem with zip code I am in the uk so my website has postcode when in sandbox mode it asks for zip no postcode I wonder if this is the mix up? site:

  8. Ann Marie Gill says:

    Come one. This has been requested for 6 years now. My clients really could use this. Trying to find some sort of workaround for them since they are already square gift cards

  9. xdesignsit says:

    It would really be nice if Square could add this feature. So many of my clients would be so happy if they did.

  10. josephdrussell84gmailcom says:

    Any updates on this situation? As the holiday season is approaching, and customers are wanting to purchase gift cards, it would be super helpful to have this option.

  11. garyseokhatri says:


  12. roeingarts says:

    This would be an incredibly helpful feature, and it is something I am surprised does not already exist.

  13. BAKKBONE Australia says:

    How has this still not happened?

  14. boatsnhulls says:

    Please add this function!!!! I’m accepting payments at my shop via Square and sell gift cards. I’d like to have it easily integrated with my WordPress/WooCommerce website!

  15. yondershore says:

    There used to be a plugin that supports this, but it’s no longer supported. That at the very least means this is possible to do, so why not add it? only makes sense.

  16. Jack Briggs says:

    Love me some gift cards! Thank you so much.

  17. Vidar Brekke says:

    please add

  18. Anonymous says:

    I would love to accept square gift cards through WooCommerce that would make things easier for me

  19. CW says:

    We need to be able to redeem square gift cards in woocommerce! Our stores use square for payment processing, we need it to be integrated online.

    Currently we have to sell two separate types of gift cards, one for use on the woocommerce site, and a separate one for our stores and to order ahead (square). Our customers don’t understand the difference, help us make this streamlined! So many people need this for their sites.

  20. Dayo Thomas says:

    Any update on whether this is going to be implemented or not? It would be such a valuable feature if you are able to make it work. Would make many many store owners very happy. Without it, we may have no choice but to use the free store square provides us, and not use woocommerce at all. šŸ™

  21. Ed Caracappa says:

    Please make this happen! It would be so much more convenient for our gift card customers!!!

  22. Ben Corkum says:

    Having to send the customer to another site to purchase giftcards is a hassle, can we get this integrated as an option to by direct from the site ASAP? Its been 5 years since this request!

  23. David says:

    This would be huge to allow users to use Gift Cards both on the website and in person. Please add this. Shopify supports this.

  24. Emma says:

    Adding another comment in support of this. Having our customers be able to buy and redeem square giftcards through our woocommerce site would be HUGE.

  25. Geet Jacobs says:

    Eagerly awaiting for this, Squares V2 API handles giftcards and it would be great if my customers could use them online!