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Gift Card Sending on Order Status

Request #5792245 as well as #5914739.


I have found an issue where gift cards are not sent when a user places and order which contains a gift card + a physical item.
In this scenario, when the user selects the Direct Bank Transfer option for payment, the order status is set to “On Hold” in woocommerce.

Once we have received payment and changed the order status to “Processing”, the gift card is still not sent. (Only sent once order status changes to complete). This is because the Gift Cards Plugin is looking for a payment complete status, which doesn’t exist when a woocommerce order status changed form “on hold” to “Processing”

This is an issue because the order status is not changed to “Complete” until after the physical product has been delivered, which will be a few days later. So the client will not receive their gift card until after the physical product has been delivered.

Can we add a feature to select the order status on which a gift card is sent.
Or just a single check for changing status from On Hold –> Processing.





Current Status


Last updated: February 13, 2023

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  1. Chris M. says:

    I also wanted to note that this feature request was discussed in 38582156-hc, and an updated email address for OP was provided there. Once this feature is introduced, please update OP via email.