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Custom Thank You Pages

Optimize your 'thank you' page for the best user experience. Redirect users to different order confirmation pages per product.

Globab thank you page per language

Hi! I use Polylang for translation, and I use the global thank you page for most of my products. I have 3 languages, but I cannot find any place to enter a global thank you page separately per language. At this point the same i showing regardless of language.

So my feature request is: Can we get a possibility to set one global thank you page per language?



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Last updated: January 25, 2023

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  1. alnyalny says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    did you manage to solve this problem?
    I also need to redirect english orders to english “Thank you page” and major language to the major Thank you page. I am using Polylang for 2 languages on 2 different domains.
    Thank you