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Google Direct Checkout Option

I have received an invitation from google to enable direct checkout at free listing.

The problem is that I cannot integrate on account level due to the fact that the id includes gla_ then product id and if I have to add direct checkout then I have to go with{product_id} so in google the id is passed as gla_{product-id} therefore it is not possible on account level.

Another option provided by Google is to enable it by product level now the development team is requested to add one more field in the plugin named as [checkout_link_template].

This will help to sync with google and get it done on individual level.

Google support link is also mentioned below so you can get more insight about google feature.



Current Status


Last updated: August 22, 2023


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  1. Marketing LAAIEND says:

    This is a simple upgrade with potentially big upside. No brainer.

  2. dropinprts says:

    this should be a feature!

  3. deidesigninc says:

    it will be nice to add this feature!