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WooCommerce Deposits

by  Woo
Enable customers to pay for products using a deposit or a payment plan.

Group subsequent payments under the same order

When an invoice is sent out for a second payment, the user received an email containing a new order number.

Ideally this payment would be grouped under the same order, without creating a new order in the wordpress backend.

Or at least there should be a better way of viewing deposit orders that are linked together


Current Status


Last updated: October 5, 2017


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  1. Florian says:

    Agree too.

    It’s “normal” to have a new order number because the deposit and the balance legally HAVE to be separated. But yes they are not linked clearly (both in back/frontend).

    It would save a lot of time if there is at least a column for “parent order” with the # and a link…

  2. KC says: