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Composite Products

by  Woo
Create product kit builders and custom product configurators using existing products.

Hidden components also added in cart

i create a Composite product – Assembled system
Create components ( for example I explain only two component only here )

Component 1 – Processors
Options are
3rd Gen Processor
4th gen Processor

Component 2 – Motherboard for 3rd gen ( not optional)
Options are
Motherboard 3rd gen- 1 (default)
Motherboard 3rd gen-2
Motherboard 3rd gen-3

Component 3 – Motherboard for 4th gen ( not optional)
Options are
Motherboard 4th gen- 1 (default)
Motherboard 4th gen-2
Motherboard 4th gen-3

now i create two scenarios
1 – With condition Processor is 3rd Gen Processor
Hide components – Motherboard for 4th gen

2 – With condition Processor is 4th Gen Processor
Hide components – Motherboard for 3rd gen

now prudct page it working perfect but
when i place order it will carry hidden component’s default option also add in order
for example, when i select 4th gen processor first
then next component only motherboard for 4th gen for selection
i select any one from them and place order then
on cart page there is also Motherboard 3rd gen- 1 ( default) is added in order .



Current Status


Last updated: May 6, 2023


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