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by  Woo
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Hide / Disable products that are out of stock

Currently, there is no way for out-of-stock products, listed within a bundle, to be disabled/greyed out, without either marking the product as ‘optional’ or setting its max quantity to 0 (which you’d have to do for each bundle).

When a product is out of stock you can still change its quantity and it’s only at the point that you ‘add to basket’ that the you get the error notifying you that it’s not possible.




Current Status


Last updated: July 28, 2022

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  1. wkeving says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous that this has not been addressed, yet. This is a necessity for this feature. Out-of-stock products that are options in a bundle should honor the sitewide setting of “Don’t show out of stock products”. I don’t want customers to even see items that might be available for a bundle when they’re out of stock. It leads to frustration for the customer and more support requests for site support.