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Product Add-Ons for WooCommerce

by  Woo
Offer add-ons like gift wrapping, special messages or other special options for your products.

Hide/Show Product Add-On options

I am using Product Add-ons for visual color options. But the available colors often change due to temporary availability of material, so I have to remove some options from time to time, but have to add them back again later. This is a huge effort, as all options need to be entered and translated again. Simply add the option to deactivate/activate an add-on option (like a certain color) to hide it just temporary without deleting it.


Current Status


Last updated: April 2, 2020


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  1. Jairo says:

    Yes, a enable/disable check for every add-on field or even add-on field option

  2. szink7a132370e5 says:

    Agree! It is a must for certain businesses!

  3. Wesley Li says:

    Yes, it is important. Our add-on options can be out from time to time too, it will be crazy if we need to remove and add them back one by one. It was the reason when I was looking for another plugin from third party than this one.

  4. Ricardo Araújo says:

    Totally agree with this! I think this is very simple to do and should be implemented quickly