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Variations as Single Products for WooCommerce

Display variations on separate, searchable, individual product pages and improve your customers' experience.

Images Management

Hello, my customer did buy adn using your plugin Variations as Single Product,,, is a fashion shop that it mean the prodcut is almost like this structure
Variation color BLACK size XS
Variation color BLACK size S
Variation color BLACK size M
Variation color BLACK size L
Variation color BLACK size XL
Variation color RED size XS
Variation color RED size S
Variation color RED size M
Variation color RED size L
Variation color RED size XL

in front office for the end customer we set to split the color

what my shop manager find almost ipossibile to manage is the photos ,, he need load and associate each single variaitn the right photo , even because woocomerce have not so fast interface for doing it…btw it will be much more fast and simple use a photo for every color as the end customer will see on front office..
there is a way for make it simple integrating something on ur plugin? or u know some plugin for doing it in simple way?



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Last updated: October 10, 2023


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