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Teams for WooCommerce Memberships

Adds B2B functionality to WooCommerce Memberships, allowing sites to sell team, group, corporate, or family member accounts.

Import Members to Team

We sell group memberships and often need to add large lists of members. We really need a way to import members and add them to a particular team. Even better would be the ability for team managers to import a list. Even if that list was just to invite members, it would save us a lot of work.



Current Status


Last updated: May 5, 2023

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  1. virtdom says:

    This is also a requirement and if I can not import a large list of members, this is not the product I can use. Sharing a coupon is not very security minded. Also having the team manager manually enter email addresses to send and invite is not realistic for b2b clients who have a more than 10 employees.