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Improved Category Management on Sync

‘As has already been mentioned, forcing WooCommerce product categories to be overwritten with the single Square category when Square is the system of record breaks organization and SEO, so adding an option to disable category sync is necessary.

On top of that, more detailed category (and other product option) settings on import are also necessary as most plugins/advanced features of WooCommerce rely on product category management

Some examples of what I’m looking for:
– On initial product import, give the option to import products with or without the category from Square
– On initial product import, give the option to add extra categories,tags, or other product options that are available on WooCommerce but not Square to all imported products. This fixes the issue of having a brief period of time between when the product is imported and the user manually going and adding the product options where incomplete products are displayed in the store.
– A specific example of this (in conjunction with stopping the category-overwriting on sync issue) is in a setup where the brick-and-mortar store has more items than the online store will display. My online shop only offers the “featured” items from my brick and mortar store for purchase, and my preferred way to manage this would be with categories (by putting a “hidden” category on all products except “featured” products and hiding that category from the shop). The delay between importing a product and assigning it the “hidden” category would mean that an item that is not meant to be purchaseable online is available for purchase if someone were to stumble upon it after I had synced it to WooCommerce but before I had put it in the “hidden” category.


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Last updated: May 22, 2020

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  1. Aditya Bajaj says:

    I think this is such a common scenario. On a website, it is no brainer that the POS categories may not fit. For example, in our grocery store, I may categorize all frozen items in to one category as Frozen for inventory management physically but it won’t be useful to customers on the website. Allowing to not override categories would make so much sense to separate in-store and online category management.