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Accept all major debit and credit cards as well as local payment methods with Stripe.

Include itemized order data when sending payments to Stripe.

The problem is that the Payments that Stripe records have no product, SKU, or quantity data, which can be very useful for accounting purposes.

There are now many 3rd party services that can link a stripe account with an online accounting service like Xero. This is better than an accounting extension that works directly from within WooCommerce, because WooCommerce does not record the Stripe processing fees.

So it would be great if the Stripe payment records included itemized order data, and for Subscriptions, differentiating between first-time subscription purchases, and renewal orders.

Would this be possible?


Current Status


Last updated: July 15, 2016


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  1. jdiamondnydi says:

    Yes! Please add this. It’s especially important for information like sales tax, VAT, etc.

  2. Teresa Martin says:

    I’d love to see this happen also as my clients like to see WHAT is being bought when she logs into Stripe.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are using a company called Synder and they need these line items to process the correct line-item details. This would be great to have sent over to Stripe without a hack/workaround

  4. Anonymous says:

    4 years later, and I would LOVE this!

  5. Samer Meshreki says:

    I would like to wholeheartedly add my support for this feature request. The line-item metadata also isolates taxes and shipping, which is also beneficial for accounting purposes.

    We are a non-profit organization, and this functionality is something that PayPal already provides out-of-the-box, and our accountants use extensively (and have been very vocal about its absence from the Stripe implementation during our initial pilot).