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Offer smarter upsells, cross-sells, and "frequently bought together" recommendations. Measure their impact with in-depth analytics.

Include Product Cross Sells as an Amplifier

The desire and usefulness of displaying cross sells on a product page is clearly defined in your documentation, however there is currently no way to pull the cross-sells defined for a product onto the product detail page. While this seems to be a massive oversight within WooCommerce in general, I assumed this would be a core feature of this plugin when we purchased it. For shops that have gone out of their way to define cross-sell items, especially those with a large number of SKUs, not to be able to display them on the product detail page is a huge oversight. We purchased this plugin to try to increase order size through complementary items. This means we don’t yet have the data to feed the “bought together” amplifier, and would like pre-defined cross-sells to be the default in that instance when available.



Current Status


Last updated: March 17, 2023


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