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WooCommerce Pre-Orders

by  Woo
Allow customers to order products before they are available.

Integrate Preorders + Deposits, or create a product that combines them.

Taking deposits on preorders is complicated, and having these two products interact so that I could take deposits for preorders would be WONDERFUL. Alternatively, a product that combines the features of both products would be fantastic.


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Last updated: December 21, 2015

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is basically what I need solution to ….badly.

    I own a collectibles store and I need a method where customers are
    able to place a deposit/partial payment on an unreleased product during the
    preorder process and are then charged the full fee, minus that deposit, once
    the product is released.

    e.g Batman figure releases Oct 2016 & costs £250.
    Available for preorder on the website. Customer have the option to pay a 50% deposit of
    £125 to guarantee their preorder, and then on release customers can be
    notified to pay the remaining £125 to complete the purchase.

    I thought Woocommerce Preorders was able to do this, but it can’t handle the deposits side at all. An additional Preorder fee is all it offers which is useless to me as using that as a “deposit” means I’d have to list the products for cheaper which is misleading to the customer.

    So really what I need is a combination of the two extensions. The preorders i.e a Preorder Button / estimated date of release etc … in conjunction with a means for customers to pay a partial amount up front for orders that aren’t actually in Stock and then be notified to pay the balance once the product is in stock.

    This would solve a lot of issues I have right now.