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Product Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

Offer custom product prices, cart discounts and free gifts based various conditions like user roles, order quantity and order amounts and more. Show pricing table for bulk quantity discounts.

Issues with the plugin – Price rule and price display

(I am already upset because I wrote already alot of text, and the message wasn’t sent)

In my store I have the standard price and the sale price, both showed in the store front.
if I use your plugin, the prices are somehow overwrite and, instead to see further 2 prices, Is just one.

standard price: 100
sale price: 70

If I create a rule to add 15 to the products, I want to have in the shop, both prices:
standard price: 100+15%= 115
sale price: 70+15%= 80.50
I see only the sale price (80.50)

PS: I don’t know how and why, even the plugin don’t have any rule active, just because the plugin is active, hide all standard price and show on the shop only the sale price. Strange and I don’t like this šŸ™‚

I need your help please to correct all these issues.
the site is:

My regards



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Last updated: January 31, 2023


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