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Google Analytics for WooCommerce

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Let users use their own GTAG

Currently users are forced to use the gtag implemented by this plugin and some pages might have extensive GDPR/Cookie Compliance requirements that makes it necessary to use a third party plugin to manage consents. For example we need users to opt in and only then the gtag code may be fired.

This is currently not supported and users are forced to use the plugin integration, so unfortunately it is useless for us.



Current Status


Last updated: April 12, 2024

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  1. tomalec says:

    Since the `2.0.5` release, you can use the `woocommerce_gtag_snippet` hook to remove or change the gtag snippet inlined into the page.

    Speaking of consent, since `2.0`, we support Google’s Consent Mode, which allows you to deny consent for tracking until a visitor explicitly grants it. (see

    If you’d like to see a more sophisticated feature, please feel free to open a new request with more details 🙂