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Litespeed Cache And Product Bundle Plugin

Hello and thanks for you great plugin.
im using Product Bundle plugin and every thing is working expect if you create a bundle product, then change the bundle ( for example add, remove or change a product in the bundle ) and update the product, website will show the cached version (old) and you should remove all the cache to actually see the latest version of the product.

I talked with the Litespeed Team and they asked me this :

” please contact the bundle product support and kindly ask if their plugin have any action we can hook to our purge API. ”

It would be great if your plugin integrate with litespeed.
thanks Shayan



Current Status


Last updated: February 14, 2024

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  1. orhanf says:

    Hey Shayan, Orhan here from Nice to be connecting!

    From what you described it seems that the Litespeed cache plugin is caching the Single Product Page, thus requiring you to purge cache before you are able to see admin side product changes reflected on the front end.

    What we want to clarify is if this happens only with Product Bundle Type products since from what you mentioned, all changes to any product type (simple / variation / Bundle) should experience the same issue.

    Can you please try adding a new variation to an existing Variable Product — do the changes reflect immediately on the front end or do you need to purge cache to see the new variation?

    If you can confirm that the issue is happening only to Bundled Products, please do reach out to us via ticket so we can look into this further: