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Logical operator for linking pricing conditions AND / OR

We use WooCommerce Bookings for our Language School.
We managed to publish all courses and in general its fine. But we have an issue when changing the prices, that usually change every year.
The problem is, that we are using the conditions for costs to manage the fees for different duration of our courses, as two weeks are not simply one week x2. So we changed the base cost based on the block count for the courses.
What we need is a kind of logical operator to link different conditions, so that we can set different prices for two weeks based on block count AND time range.
Block count for one week adds 98 € if the course is in 2019 . Block count for one week adds 101 € if its in 2020.
Block count for one week adds 72 € if the course is in 2019 . Block count for one week adds 74 € if its in 2020.
With the given features we need to publish different courses for each year, to handle the different prices. The fact, that the courses for the next year need to be bookable while the courses taking place this year are still online lets us end up in duplicated courses which is irritating and not really user friendly.
I hope it comes clear what the issue and what our need is.
Could you consider adding AND / OR conditions for managing a more sophisticated pricing as change request?


Current Status


Last updated: June 10, 2019


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