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WooCommerce Pre-Orders

by  Woo
Allow customers to order products before they are available.

Make stock status ‘In stock’ force pre-orders to disable

Our stock is managed externally and is updated every day via an automated CSV import. When a product is marked as ‘In stock’ (in the imported CSV file), the product page still says ‘Pre-order’ instead of ‘Buy’ because the ‘Enable Pre-Orders’ field in the back-end isn’t automatically disabled when a product is back in stock (in this case it’s back in stock before the initial set availability date). This means that we have to do a lot of manual work updating each and every single product that’s back in stock and by not being compatible with CSV imports the Pre-Orders extension isn’t suitable for larger shops where these things need to be automated.

In ‘YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce’ you can “Force ‘Allow Backorders’ and ‘In stock’ status” – this almost solves the issue, but instead of enabling/disabling preorders based on stock status it overwrites it completely and forces preorders no matter the stock status.

I think it would be great if there was a way to force products that are set to ‘In stock’ to always be available to order.



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Last updated: August 14, 2017

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  1. Luc Lessard says:

    We also have this issue, can it be disabled when stocks are back in the positive ?