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Make the Google Listings & Ads plugin compatible with WPML to have feeds in several languages

Make the Google Listings & Ads plugin compatible with WPML to have feeds in several languages.
When you have a website in several languages, you also need to have a Google feed for every language (for example a product feed in French for the French market, a product feed in Dutch for the Dutch market, etc).


Current Status


Last updated: June 30, 2021


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  1. Stile di Vita SA says:

    For a long time now, most websites, including online shops, have been structured in multiple languages. This trend is not limited to European sites but is also evident worldwide, reflecting the need for globalized commerce with availability in multiple languages for users. For a service like the one offered by Google, it should be expected that there is multilingual compatibility by now. After all, I have been waiting for over two years to activate paid advertisements. However, as long as I can only manage feeds in a single language, I won’t make this investment, considering that the most profitable market for me comes from a language different from the main one on the site. I hope to find this possibility soon.

  2. zendrian10 says:

    > Last updated: June 30, 2021
    Yikes on bikes, I was hoping that seeing this at the top would mean it might get some attention soon. We’re in a market where there are two primary languages – WPML does a nice job giving the customer what they want to see but how can we get GLA to push our translations over to Google Merchant center. Another plugin may be the only way for now (previously we used one that could push two feeds, one for each language)

  3. polyglottatranslations says:

    Does any one have a workaround for this? I’ve talked to Google support Polylang pro support and they offered no help because they say it’s Google Listings & Ads problem

  4. digrand says:

    and Polylang

  5. Mike Xavier says:

    How’re we going with this request? or is there another way around it?

  6. fredfischer75 says:

    And don’t forget Polylang as well! Thanks