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missing the field for Instructions as we have in other payment plugins

WooCommerce Payment & Stripe Payment plugins are missing the field for Instructions as we have in other payment plugins such as “Check payments” and “Cash on delivery”. If you don’t see this missing important field as an issue – then please add as a feature request.

The Instruction field is VERY IMPORTANT for us so our customers can see our instructions (next steps) in both “thank you for your order” (1) confirmation page, and (2) in the email they receive.

For example we need to add something like this instruction to our payments:

Thank You! We have received your order – our next step is to setup an online meeting during regular business hours to go through your options to see if our solutions will help your business – and if so we will get started right away!

Let’s Meet! You can find a time that works for you and add yourself to our calendar here:

Until you add instructions fields to your payment plugins, I will need to know how to add my instructions to the thank you page … please save me hours, if not days, of work trying to make this happen.

You missed the point and provided the lazy obvious answer – so if you insist on being so stuck in your ways and thinking there is a valid reason for missing the instructions field, then please open a feature request so your developers have a note somewhere to add the instructions field to your payment plugins – likely 5 minutes of work to implement in next update.

Adding instructions to the email is not a good solution for a few reasons

(1) the email already includes the instructions automatically and these can instructions can change depending on the payment method chosen (much preferred – too bad your payment plugins are missing the instructions fields),
(2) adding to the emails text will still not show the instructions on the ‘thank you page’ which the customers are reading after ordering … and from my experience most of our customers do not notice the instructions in the thank you email,
(3) Harder to support multiple languages

Finding so many things like this with WooCommerce makes it very hard to provide an acceptable user experience. You are so close to being able to let us provide an awesome user experience … but you are not there and with your missing this field and your support’s resistance and additional layers of complexity – it is no surprise why more and more people are leaving WooCommerce and WordPress and going with wix, weebly, square, shopiify, and others… sad watching you lose market share … but not surprising.


Robert Milburn

Current Status


Last updated: February 14, 2023


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