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More than 1 (sku) identifying key

Please use some sort of secondary ID/key, or index 2 fields, or something other than just relying on the SKU when determining the sync connection between Square and Woo for a product.
I’ll give you a real world example that plagues me constantly. I have certain products that I manually add to Square, and some that are auto-imported into Square from wholesale marketplaces (Faire dot com for example). Awesome, but… Faire uses product codes, not barcode skus. So, if I have run a sync before updating to the barcode sku (happens all the time, I constantly have new products coming in), and then at some point I update the sku – it breaks the connection between the product and it causes me a lot of headaches. I have some suppliers that change the barcode numbers on same products, which breaks the connection. I can’t keep up. Please use some other way to keep the connection between Square/Woo in addition to just using the sku, that way if a sku changes, it can update that field with the product syncing as well.


Deron Blevins

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Last updated: January 25, 2024


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