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Multi-select and multiple optional items in a single composite product component step

I think this is a must have feature. Right now user has to create many different component steps for each single optional accessory which leads to a cluttered product page that scares away customers. Therefore it should be made possible to create a single composite component step which include all the various related optional accessories WITHOUT!! the need to bottleneck the website by installing another bundle product plugin (not to mention that this workaround looks very inefficient)


Current Status


Last updated: March 17, 2022


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  1. nahasb1da78ddec says:

    Need this feature as well.

  2. dazman88 says:

    In typical WooCommerce fashion, they would rather we pay for yet another plugin (product bundles) then bother to implement any new features into this already $120 plugin.

  3. cobusbez says:

    Need this feature as well please.

  4. Bastiaan de Boer says:

    Yes, this would be a very desirable feature. Also, doing this using the Product Addons plugin does not allow you to filter out specific options for the previous selections.

  5. adnanlimdi says:

    Any update of this?

  6. crossbowprintables says:

    Any updates on this feature being implemented?

  7. helloa80060cd01 says:

    I would also really appreciate this or any solutions the community can offer.