Multiple Pre-Order Products Checkout (if products have same dates for pre-order)

Currently we are doing pre orders just using the regular checkout process. The problem is if they add 1 pre order product and 1 ready to ship product. If they do that we have to hold the order until the pre order is finished. They aren’t happy about waiting that long to get both shirts.

If 2 items have a set of same parameters (dates) it should be relatively straight forward to allow them to be added to the same cart.


Current Status


Last updated: September 29, 2017


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  1. sevun

    The fact that the plugin doesn’t manage in parallel standard purchase and preorder make the purchase experience awful.

    The customer experience is particularly business unfriendly.

    Really hope to see some improvement here

  2. aariagno

    I wish I had seen this thread before buying this plug in! My customers are really unhappy having to enter their card information ten times instead of just once for a big order!

  3. buttonpoetry

    I also need this feature. Please.

  4. Anonymous

    I need this as well!

  5. Amit Gupta

    Hi Guys,

    Please check the working Pre orders with the normal orders. I made a solution for it.

    If you want the plugin, you can contact me on my email id.

  6. Brandon Buchta

    I was recommended to vote for this by support staff as a solution to allowing customers to preorder multiple variations at the same time. I think this needs to be a core functionality of this plugin.

    Currently, a customer would need to place two separate orders if they wanted to preorder a red watch and a green watch. This is highly problematic, because I would like to offer customers discounts like free shipping for preordering multiple items, but it makes no sense to require those items to all be the same color/any other imaginable variation.

    Please implement this functionality so I can build the site I’d like to.


  7. Anonymous

    That’s essential for all shops which are having different variations (e.g. colours, sizes) of the same product. Customers often want to order different coulours of the same product and only want to do one checkout.

  8. Anonymous

    I need the same feature. Please add it.