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New widget area above product categories for product filters

With the increasing use of mobile devices i create websites/shops without a sidebar these days. So most widgets, if not all, will not be usuable.
Because of that i cannot use these super widgets like “Filter product on price” (that displays a price slider).

So my proposed new feature is to create a new widget area that will only display on product categories where widgets can be added!


Current Status


Last updated: August 2, 2018


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  1. Edwin Hamers says:

    And here is an example of what i mean (not made by me or with storefront btw)

  2. Edwin Hamers says:

    ‘To further clarify, i spoke to Hari (Woo support). If you use Woocommerce, Storefront plus the PowerPack then you can set the shop to be displayed in full width. Actually there are multiple settings involved using the customizer:

    – Customizer > Layout (you can choose for right or left sidebar) – This option will be ignored once you select “Full width” on any option below
    – Power Pack > Layout (Default or Full Width)
    – Power Pack > Product details > Page Layout (Default / Full width)
    – Power Pack > Shop > Page Layout (default / Full Width)

    It is possible to have single products in full width and the product category with a sidebar.
    But what if you want to have everything set to full width? Then the sidebar will not be displayed making the nice widgets become unusable.

    So my suggestion is to create a new widget area where the filters can be added
    OR add more filter options to the default sorting pull down menu.

  3. Edwin Hamers says:

    I just looked at the Storefront Bundle ( And included is a plugin called Footer Bar (

    This is exactly what i need, but then for above product categories !