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No ability to create a coupon for bookable time variables

I have a bookable product that can be booked in varying amount of minutes:

3 minutes – £3.60 (£1.20 per minute)
6 minutes – £6.60 (£1.10 per minute)
9 minutes – £9.45 (£1.05 per minute)
12 minutes – £12 (£1 per minute)

I want to create a coupon that allows the user to prepay for 120 minutes at a cost of £90 which is 75p per minute but for them to still be able to use the bookable product calendar and whether they book 3,6,9 or 12 minutes the voucher / store credit of minutes would then be reduced.

Version 2.0.0 of Woocommerce bookings is being used and version and version 8.2.0 of Woocommerce smart coupons


Planet Sun

Current Status


Last updated: July 17, 2023


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  1. StoreApps says:
    Product Developer August 24, 2023 5:45 am

    Thank you for submitting this feature request.

    We’ll look into this feature after collecting sufficient votes and feedback, enabling us to design it effectively for a broader range of use cases.

    Using ‘time credit’ could address this case well, but incorporating it as a new feature for the entire plugin appears more extensive.

    Since WooCommerce Bookings includes time-based units, they could also incorporate a ‘time credit’ discount type. You can add this as a feature request here as well.

    Smart Coupons doesn’t provide any option like ‘Tanning Credit’. To discuss more about this option, create a ticket from here.

  2. Planet Sun says:

    I see that you have added an option for Tanning Credit in the dropdown option, the issue with this now is that it is still based on a monetary value, if you could allow the user to input the number of minutes that the coupon has the value of and then deduct 3 minutes instead of £3.60 if someone books a 3 minute slot that would be working but it does not seem to have included the minutes its basically the same as a normal coupon there is no difference where is the documentation for this newly added option?

  3. Planet Sun says:

    Any update on this? I think would be easily solved by creating a time credit similar to that of store credit but instead of removing a monetary value it removes the number of minutes from the bookable product whether it be 3,6,9,12