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Free Gifts for WooCommerce

Offer Free Gifts to your customers for making purchases in your WooCommerce Shop.

Notify customers that they haven’t added all their free gifts to their cart

Feature Requests

Dear Developer,
we are using your plugin for awarding customers with free gift products for some time now, we have a big ecommerce site and after we collected precious customer feedback we have some suggestions for you as the developer that will make your plugin more feature rich more appealing to customers and more user friendly.

Let’s say a customer based on rules, has indeed been awarded 10 free gifts from the system and only adds two or three of them to the cart due to the fact that he is not so tech savvy and doesn’t understand that there are more gifts waiting for him and hit’s checkout to complete the order, he will miss the free gifs.

Feature 1:
We want upon completion of the order to send a notice using a modal to the user notifying him about it, something like:

“Hello, we noticed that you haven’t added all your awarded free gifts to the cart, please go back and add them using the user interface to ensure you will get them” or something similar.

Feature 2:
In this similar case we want the following feature: An option when enabled and if a user hasn’t selected all their awarded VARIABLE free product gifts the system to randomly choose a variation of every awarded VARIABLE product on behalf of the user and add to the cart automatically upon checkout. A plus on this, would be, if there was a message notifying the customer that we added some more free gifts on his order.

Both features aim towards aiding users to add their awarded gifts with more ease, will make your plugin more appealing and feature rich.



Current Status


Last updated: February 17, 2023

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  1. Flintop says:
    Product Developer October 14, 2023 7:07 am

    We need more information. Please contact us by opening a support ticket.

    Thank you.