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Offer your existing products on subscription, with this powerful add-on for Woo Subscriptions.

One time purchase into upcoming renewal

Hello. AP4S allows customers to select one-time versus subscribe options for products with it enabled. If they select the latter they can add to an existing subscription.

We had a custom plugin developed that allows one-time purchases to be added to an existing subscription renewal just once, then it gets removed. This is very useful so customers who have a subscription can massage it with things they are shopping for that aren’t necessarily recurring type items.

Background: I don’t like having yet another add-on for this. I’ve already had to do some trimmings around Automate Woo and Toolbox for Subscriptions. They use this AP4S plugin a lot and I’d like to see it support this useful feature for their users to.

We have the code for this! Happy to share if it helps move this one along. Feel free to email me.


Current Status


Last updated: May 14, 2022


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