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Min/Max Quantities

by  Woo
Minimum and maximum quantity rules for products, orders and categories.

Option for min/max quantities to sell the last stock if it is below ‘Group of…’

We are trying to sell the last items. i.e: we have this product with a stock of 19. The ‘Group of…’ is set to 5, after 3 sells (of 5) we are left over with 4 items. These item’s can’t be sold because the ‘Group of…’ is 5.

What we would like to accomplish is a way to sell with a ‘Group of…’ 5 unless the amount is < the 'Group of...'. With this we would be able to sell the last 4 items of this product. A simple checkbox for this would be great: "Allow to buy the last stock when the stock is less than the 'Group of...'"


Current Status


Last updated: April 5, 2019

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  1. athartman says:

    We are desperate for this too, on a B2B shop. It would be nice to have the option (checkbox) to enable/disable this store wide – not just per product.