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Payment gateway integration

Is it possible to integrate a payment gateway (Redsys) with thw WooCommerce Blocks Checkout? I mean, I have installed and configured Redsys in WooCommerce adjustments but when I set the ckeckout through WooCommerce blocks, Redsys doesnt appears in the payment methods. It appears when I set the checkout through the shortcode


Is it any way to integrate that payment method and add it to the checkout block? I mean, via api or something? Or I just have to wait till you make the WooCoommerce block compatible with your own WooCommerce payment adjustments?


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Last updated: August 14, 2020

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  1. warren.holmes says:

    We plan to work with all payment gateways we provide but don’t have an ETA on that. For now, you’ll need to use the shortcodes.


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