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Per Product Shipping

by  Woo
Define separate shipping costs per product which are combined at checkout to provide a total shipping cost.

Per-Product Shipping info Should Duplicate when a Product is Duplicated.

Please see my ticket here:

Basically, when one enters in per-product shipping costs for a product, then that product is duplicated… the per-product shipping data should be copied/duplicated as well! Instead what happens, is when you look at the info for the duplicated product, the data for the per-product shipping is GONE. This becomes a huge problem for a shop with lots of products.

For example, I just spent at least 20 hrs entering the shipping data manually for 135 products, each of which had 15 variation possibilities, and with each of those having 3 location-based shipping prices. So 3x15x135 = 6075 lines of per-product shipping that I had to manually enter. All of which could of avoided if I could have duplicated the one product with the settings on it.

This would be a HUGE feature upgrade to the PPS add-on.



Current Status


Last updated: January 8, 2016


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