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Pinterest for WooCommerce

by  Woo
Get your products in front of Pinterest users searching for ideas and things to buy. Connect your WooCommerce store to make your entire catalog browsable.

Pinterest for Woocommerce should have filters (stock, sku, max, min, etc…)

I think that this plugin has a great future. I would definitly add some filters, so the XML feed can contain what you really need.

Filter by Out of Stock, Minim Price, Maximum Price, The ones that contain SKU numbers, etc… at least


Current Status


Last updated: February 18, 2022


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  1. mfrncs223 says:

    yes, please is there an update on a fix so we can exclude certain products from the Pinterest for Woocommerce catalog feed? I would really like to exclude out of stock products as I have a fine art store and want to keep an archive on my site of sold paintings. however, I want to prevent them from going through to Pinterest so i can keep my merchant status.

  2. deidesigninc says:

    Any updates on this? Maybe some apply_filter options as suggested below to add to the functions.php? We have discontinued items that are being pulled into the feed and giving errors and warnings

  3. alx359 says:

    For the ones wanting to exclude products. We noticed when the price is null/zero the product doesn’t get into the feed. Playing with the `woocommerce_product_get_regular_price` filter + a ‘pinned’ `product_tag` is the way we found to workaround this issue until it gets properly implemented.

  4. larrytabak says:

    Most important right now is to be able to exclude products and product categories from the feed. Pinterest will suspend your business account for policy violations. I sell flags and some do not comply with their policies, yet some customers want to buy them, so I carry the flag for that purpose. I totally agree with the social media policies – Pinterest, Google, Facebook, etc. and will gladly exclude any products that do not conform, so I really need this option! I don’t want my Pinterest account suspended – please! Thank you!

  5. jarvis_lemon says:

    agreed, will be a lot nicer and easy for websites.

  6. Make Your Own Molds says:

    To add to this, you should be able to select what items you want available on the Pinterest shop.

  7. Eric Caron says:

    What would be great, as a short term fix, would be adding an apply_filter in FeedGenerator.php, seeding it with $products_query_args, before wc_get_products is called.